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Two freelancers who operate in the same niche or industry are as different as their names, educational backgrounds, and gender. However, a few traits often set the best of them apart from the rest of the competition, and using a basic contract template is one of them.. After all, the freelancing space is quite competitive.

You must get a way to keep yourself competitive. Otherwise, your competition would soon overtake you, and clients would never seek your services. The great news is anyone can learn to be competitive, even if it is not in your nature.

Basic Contract Template
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For starters, you must invest in a basic contract template because it helps you in the following:

1. A basic contract template publicizes your specialized skill set

What specialized skill sets do you possess, as a freelancer? Clients want to know what sets you apart from the rest. How do you stand out from the competition? Such questions are not just important to ask yourself. Clients also need information that tells them more about you.

Generalist freelancers have their own space. However, those who truly seek to stand out must be specialists. Being a jack-of-all-trades is rewarding because it means you would never run out of work. Nevertheless, specialists earn more than generalists!

For example, specialists attract more pay and enjoy higher demand than generalists in healthcare. To attract similar levels of interest and remuneration, you should specify your area of specialization on the basic contract template.

Additionally, it is worth pointing out that you might not have started out as a specialist freelancer. However, that does not stop you from seeking to specialize in a specific niche or skill set. The Internet has tons of courses you can take online to acquire such special skill sets.

2. A basic contract template shows that you possess much-needed evergreen skills

Secondly, the basic contract template teaches you how to package the fact that you possess the skills that clients need throughout different seasons. Some skills and services are only in demand for a certain timeframe. Others are evergreen in terms of demand.

For this reason, use the contract to inform your clients that you are the proud provider of the skills they need at different times and seasons. That way, you would never have to hop from one niche or industry to the next. After all, job-hopping has its perils!

Nevertheless, the reality is you might lack 1-2 of the skills that a particular client needs from a freelancer. In that case, you should check the Internet for short online courses that you could study to acquire the skills you lack.

Alternatively, use the contract to display the different skills you have acquired from the projects you have handled for other clients. Many a time, freelancing clients are more interested in what you can do rather than what you studied.

Basic Contract Template Sample
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3. A basic contract template displays your entrepreneurial mindset

Freelancers are entrepreneurs! If you do not see yourself as such, then you must learn how to transition into an entrepreneur. First, you would have to develop a growth mindset. Then you have to improve your skills as a master juggler!

Without such a mindset, you would lose your competitiveness, and the world would pass you by as you standstill. Remember, entrepreneurs are highly self-motivated, risk-takers, and have no difficulty networking with peers.

Additionally, the best entrepreneurs are a highly flexible lot and passionate about what they do. In freelancing, you need all these attributes to be successful. Here, your basic contract template offers you a tool that you can use to show clients you possess all these qualities.

Does your client need to know that you are competitive? Many of them do not, but there is no harm in coming across as one. You can do that with the choice of language and the tone used on the contract.

Therefore, look at that basic contract template anew. After all, it could be the difference between remaining where you are and moving up the echelons of the freelancing circles to get better clients, projects, and rates!



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