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Asp Contract

The goal of preparing a contract is to ensure that you're paid after completing the work. On the other hand, many professionals never receive payments after completing the work clients hired them to do. This happens even where the expert prepared and signed a contract with the client. Because of such happenings, it's important to prepare a watertight ASP Contract that guarantees payments. Failure to insist on a contract before starting work is inviting trouble to your doorstep.
Therefore, how can you set up the ASP Contract that guarantees payments?

Be clear on your role
The project has a giver and receiver. The roles can change. For example, client can be a giver when assigning you the project. You turn into a giver when sending the work to the client. Therefore, check that the contract is clear on your role. Let the client say what he expects you to do. Once he clears this issue up, you should do your part well by adhering to the client's instructions to the latter. Do a great job to give the client no room for refusing to pay.

Clarify your rates
According to a publication on, be clear on what you charge for the ASP work the client hires you to do. Don't allow room for confusion to reign, as this would make it easier for the client to retain your money. Ascertain that the contractor expressly states what you charge. Let the contract say that you expect to be paid hourly, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. If you expect payment after completing the project, the contract should clearly indicate this. Get the client to your rates and preferred mode of payment.

Adhere to the Deadline
If the client expects you to finish and submit the project within a week, you should not fail to observe this deadline. The goal here is to give the client little room for withholding your payment. If you do this, the client will have no excuse for not sending payment when it's due. As long as you observe deadlines, you will be less likely to take on more work before completing what's already in your hands.
Lastly, ensure that the ASP contract indicates how you expect to be paid. The methods you should list to the client include direct deposit, PayPal, credit card or check. Let the client know whether you accept payments in advance. Some ASP developers have no problem insisting on a percentage of the total amount upfront before commencing work. The contract should clarify what you will do in case the client refuses to pay or delays with payments.

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