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Art Contract

Do you want to know how to write an art contract? You are at the right place!

An art contract is a simple outline of the terms and conditions by which a freelancer and client agree to work. Also, It may be a complex document with several pages, depending on the project involved. The purpose of a contract is to set agreements on the following terms of work, the scope of work, deadline, limitations, and many more. Putting these in writing will prevent misunderstanding and keep both parties' stress levels low. 

A contract is essential in the case of intellectual properties such as art. As a freelancer, whenever you sell your work is like you are selling your tangible properties like a car or a house. Also, with a contract, your mind will be at rest. You will have to worry about every single "what if." You can create your art contract by following our art contract template. You should adjust this template to suit your art services.

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1. Client information

In this section, you should provide details about your client, such as the name of your client, organization, email address, address, and phone number. 

2. Project information

State the freelancing service you are offering for such a client. For example, Artwork will be designed to improve the body copy provided by the client and laid for a full-color brochure. All Artwork will be done to meet the client specifications and use the client supplied graphics. The project will be designed using some combination of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Then the final Artwork will be in a file format suitable for printing press production. 

3. Project pricing details

The project price is quoted based on a negotiated package price of $200 for the entire project. The price quote does not include a 10% sales tax. Additionally, if you both agreed to use PayPal as your form of payment, there is a computer-based service charge on the total fee. You should either include or exclude the service charge in the final invoice. Make sure to include all such details on your art contract.

4. Final payment terms

You should state the final payment terms in your art contract. For instance, within three days of project completion, before the final delivery, an itemized invoice will be delivered to the client.

Besides those, you should include the percentage deposit made before the project commenced. And the Final payment when the job is completed. Also, you should state that all final files will be delivered after the Checks are cleared. 

5. Revisions

The total price paid for the project does not include unlimited revisions. I want to be sure you are satisfied with the final product. We have experienced that excellent communication between a freelancer and client can limit the revision to small corrections rather than total do-overs. Do-overs are a result of improper communication.

6. Ownership of artwork 

Include that your freelancing service agency retains ownership of all files until full payment has been made. Thus, upon full payment, the original artwork or fine becomes the client's property. This implies that the client will take all necessary credit for usage of the project by the unauthorized body.

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A good contract does not have to be a thick document with lots of legal terms. A contract must be written in a simple language that both client and freelancer must understand clearly. You can use our art contract template to draft your own template.

Create your own
Art Contract

Create your own

Art Contract

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