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Agency Proposal

Sometimes, organizations and businesses prefer to outsource some of their projects to trusted agencies rather than individual consultants. If you run an agency and wish to win projects from individuals and companies, you will need a well thought out agency proposal that is well polished to reflect the quality of your service.

Generally, no one enjoys writing a proposal because of the effort and research that is involved. But you don’t have a choice irrespective of the service you offer. Whether digital services, web development, marketing, or accounting, most clients prefer to see proposals from agencies before deciding on whom to hire. 

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A professional agency proposal is a persuasive sales tool that can win you a contract if appropriately designed in line with the interest of a prospective client. A compelling proposal would make your agency stand out from the hundreds of other documents from agencies that are competing for top projects in your market space. It gives your compelling prospect reasons to give you the green light instead of your competitors.

Two significant parts make up every winning agency proposal:

1. Logistical information in the agency proposal template

This includes the service you will be offering (accounting, software development, marketing, etc.). Also, you need to state the project timeline, cost of service, material requirements, list of deliverables, and the key milestones if applicable. 

2. Persuasive notes on a agency proposal template

A great agency proposal explains how deliverables are beneficial to clients and how the service meets the goal of the project at hand. Other persuasive elements include strategies, qualifications, and experience of the agency and personnel, and additional information that makes the agency stand out. 

Common elements of an agency proposal

A lot of proposals focus on personal and logistical information. That's fine because such details are a key piece of every proposal. But you might be limiting your chances of winning a project if you overlook persuasive elements in your agency proposal.

What makes a proposal different from another? Simple, it is the ability to understand the pain point of the project and proffer a solution from the client's point of view.

That way, you can create a meaningful impression on a client and ultimately win the project.

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See below the typical sections that must never miss from your agency proposal:

1. Problem statement in the agency proposal template

Identify the problem of your client by asking questions and administering a questionnaire if need be. You can also carry out some research to ensure you have a good problem definition

2. Deliverables and goals in the agency proposal template

Next is to state what your agency will be offering to solve the problem of your client. Paint a picture of what your client's business would look like once you complete the project. 

3. Scope/strategies mentioned in the agency proposal template

Talk about the scope of your work and give details about the strategy you’d be using to meet the goals of your client. This section would act as a reference point to your client in monitoring their project as you progress. 

4. Financial obligations through the agency proposal template

State your agency fees and break down your charges for every sub-service or task involved. Also, state the material requirements and cost. Also, add your payment terms and conditions plus any other relevant information about payment. 

5. Timeline in the agency proposal template

This deals with the beginning and ending date of the project. An agency proposal should also specify dates to achieve sub-tasks or special milestones if applicable. 

6. Terms and conditions for the agency proposal template

State your terms and conditions about payment, materials, timelines advancement payment, and refund. When writing an agency proposal, try to anticipate questions that may arise during execution and address them in the terms and conditions section. 

7. Notes for your agency proposal template

You may add personal notes to the document and thank your prospective for considering your offer. 

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Agency Proposal

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Agency Proposal

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