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The advertising brief template helps in one area that many consultants struggle in: time management! It’s true that freelancers who know how to manage their time well are the most likely to be more productive. If this struggle sounds real to you, then it could be time to consider what you use to run your freelancing business. In this case, it would be best to embrace something as effective at time management as a creative brief.

The key is to create a timeline for the entire project. Everything else can flow from there!

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1. Define the goals

The advertising brief template offers you and your freelance client the opportunity to define your goals. Focus on project goals. Define and clarify them in detail. Understand what the final result and goal should or will be. Once you have this part of the project clearly defined and pinned down, you can then manage your time more efficiently. Know what the client wants from the project. Marry this with your own expectations.

Defining the goals increases your chances of submitting a successful project.

2. Record important milestones

Although the brief is a short or brief document, that doesn’t deny you the chance to use it for recording important milestones. This way, you stay on top of the progress and can then use the information to institute changes or continue with the same pace. Milestones don’t have to be major accomplishments. They can be small yet actionable steps or achievements that you enjoy at each pre-defined and pre-determined stage of the project.

Milestones are crucial for the success of any freelance project you’re working on. Milestones always lead to the project’s main goals.

3. Determine the timeframe

The next task involves determining the timeframe. How much time should you dedicate to the project? When does the client expect to receive the project? Use the advertising brief template to talk about the timeframe. Set reasonable timeframes for accomplishing each task or item you listed down as project milestones. While at it, you would need to be careful not to overpromise. Evaluate your capacity to deliver as you stated.

Restrict yourself to meeting each milestone and submitting it as expected. Failing to restrict yourself this way leaves you with little to no time for the next milestone.

4. Visualizing the roadmap

The advertising brief template provides a bigger picture of all that you’re doing. It sets you up to visualize what you should be doing. Prepare a well-researched project management schedule that you can then use until the end. The roadmap allows the consultant to track the project’s progress along different stages and points. More importantly, use this information to let the clients know the status or progress of the project. Let them know the changes early.

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5. Setting up the timeline

Freelancers have to learn how to set up project timelines. Otherwise, their projects would resemble guesswork more. They would not be in control of the process, which could then hamper their ability to deliver on schedule. Use the brief for creating actionable project plans. Find one that is in an easy-to-use format. The most flexible templates are ideal for the most complex projects.

Setting timelines informs the clients that you understand the importance of delivering projects on time. Freelancers who respect deadlines show how much value they attach to each client and project. All freelancers need deadlines. After all, clients won’t give you forever to complete the project. Clients also have goals and objectives they wish to meet within a specific period. Therefore, embrace the advertising brief template as the ideal tool for setting timelines when working on your client’s projects.