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Accounting Proposal

An accounting proposal is a document that states the cost of your services and their qualities. In freelancing, an excellent proposal is used to gain a new job for your freelance accounting services. A unique accounting proposal must summarize key project explanation and must be endorsed by the client.

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Discussed below are the steps to follow to write a responsive accounting proposal. 

1. Research what you need 

Whenever you see a business awareness, don’t be in a rush to send your proposal. Firstly, find out more about the client request and then draft a proposal that will meet his demand. Researching the relevant keywords to embed in such a plan will make it more likely to be accurate and useful. Thus, before writing your proposal, answer the following questions:

  • Who are the clients? 
  • What is their budget? 
  • Do they have a deadline? 
  • What is the possible solution for their request? 
  • How much will your quote to make your proposal accepted? 

2. Explain the project scope

Foremost, determine your proposal objective before listing the scope of such a project. This will guide you not go off the aims of you writing the proposal. Also, it will make you have an effective plan for your accounting proposal. You can create a better objective by answering the following questions:

  • What does your client want? 
  • What is the aim of your proposal? 
  • How does your proposed solution affect the client's problem? 

3. State your service or product cost 

A good freelancer or consultant must have a standard cost for a particular service or good. You can as well look into such tasks and note the number of hours it will take to complete each. Then proceed to multiply the number of hours required to complete the task by the amount you charge per hour. For instance: If you work at the rate of $50 per hour. If the task will take five hours to be done. multiply the hour by the rate ($50 x 5 = $250). However, this is the only way to avoid underestimating your service cost.

4. Draft the accounting proposal

After the above-discussed steps, you should draft an efficient proposal for the accounting project. You should start with an introduction that gives a brief detail of your business. Followed by the body that will give a detailed explanation of pricing, with photos and samples of related work. Finally, the conclusion, on how the client will benefit from your service and how to reach you. Moreover, you can use accounting proposal templates as a guide for your accounting proposal writing.

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5. Edit your accounting proposal

Before submitting your accounting proposal make sure to proofread it well. Also, you can ask a friend or your family member to have a second look at your writing. Such a person may notice the mistakes you do not notice. Besides these, you can pay a freelance editor to proofread such a proposal. Also, concentrate on the length of the document so that the reader will not be discouraged in checking it. 


Depending on the kind of accounting project you are writing a proposal for, you can always use any of the available accounting proposal templates to write an accurate and compelling plan. Finally, you should write your proposal to catch the attention of your client. This will help you to stand out of the crowd.

Create your own
Accounting Proposal

Create your own

Accounting Proposal

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