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It is common to every Shopify plan that no email hosting or domain is included. The terms of a Shopify contract do however allow you to purchase domain names for thirteen dollars annually. These doesn't feature email hosting though.

Each plan allows purchasers to use custom templates or download apps from the Shopify App Store. Numerous apps come free. However, more features come at a cost. As such, potential users are advised to make extensive tests of Shopify during their free trials.

You may upgrade, cancel, or downgrade Shopify any time according to this article. This is, provided you make your payments monthly. For anyone intent on minimizing the financial burdens, they could opt for monthly plans. Afterwards, one could upgrade to longer-term options with prepayment terms thereby receiving ample discounts.

Basic Shopify

This tier enables you to sell any number of products. It is the cheapest solution available should you have big product ranges. Shopify does not limit file storage or product numbers. However, some features are not included such as recovery of abandoned carts, professional reports, and gift cards.

The plan called Shopify is more expensive by fifty dollars, but it provides enhanced features coupled with less credit card rating. This credit card rating charges 0.3 percent lower. According to professional reports,it provides enhanced insight into the online store. This gives more convenience to your analysis.

Look up your Google Analytics prior to upgrading this plan. This free service gives you great understanding of the online shop performances. The professional plan allows Abandoned Cart Recovery and Gift Cards features. The two features may see an addition at lower costs using an app that comes with the Shopify Basic Plan.

Advanced Shopify

This plan offers the least rate for credit card based payments being the most expensive plan. It also provides exciting conditions in the United States. The plan allows carrier shipping in a real time inferring shipping goes through third parties. In addition, its enhanced report builder allows you to prepare your own customized professional reports.

Transaction Fees

Fee structures come in two versions. The first one has Shopify charging you based on your turnover that ranges between half a percent to two percent. The second one centers around your payment gateway, which include authorize dot net, Stripe, or PayPal.

This fee is however avoidable through using its own payment gateway according to Shopify Payments. This feature is only available in Canada, the United Kingdom and United States. The payment gateway fee constitutes an incremental fee per transaction of three percent plus thirty cents.